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There is a need in every person and that need is connection and love. Jesus fulfils that in us when we connect to the heart of God. When we connect to the heart of God He connects us to the heart of one another.  


At the core of every human being is a fundamental yearning, a necessity for connection and love. This profound and universal truth transcends cultures, religions, and personal experiences. We are intrinsically social creatures, wired to seek relationships that provide mutual support and understanding. Love and connection form the backbone of our psychological well-being as the pillars of our emotional and spiritual growth.


The Christian perspective posits that Jesus Christ fulfills this innate longing within us. By creating a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus, believers suggest we form a connection to the very heart of God. The divine love that flows from this connection is said to be of a quality that transcends human understanding. This connection isn't just a spiritual tie but a deep, enriching experience that satisfies our innermost need for belonging.


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