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Our employees spend numerous hours volunteering and fundraising to assist those in our community who are in need. In addition to raising funds for local charities and programs, these initiatives help to strengthen the relationship between Peel Regional Police and members of the community.

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We have chosen to support Elizabeth Fry Society Peel-Halton and the initiative of opening a safe/emergency and transitional house for survivors of human...

How long has this been happening and what impact has this had in Port Credit?

Now in our 5th annual year organizing this amazing event, our focus in organizing the Shine Bright event is to unite our businesses leaders, community partners, and residents, in order to respond to the most immediate needs that exist within our local communities.  We want to provide an opportunity for our community to contribute in generosity and ignite love and leave a lasting legacy to those around us. 


Some of the highlights from Shine Bright Port Credit since its inception in 2015 include: 

  • Nearly $10,000 raised in monetary donations/gift cards for local food bank and a second stage shelter for women/their children experiencing abuse

  • Over 300 household items to support women and their children

  • 825 toys donated to ‘Toys for Tots’ & 300lbs of food donated to food bank 

  • 25 local businesses/community partners donated food/supplies & activities

  • 100+ volunteers contributed time and talent to ‘Shine Bright Port Credit’


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Who are we giving towards this year?

In addition to supporting the Toys for Tots Program this year by collecting unwrapped toys for underprivileged children, we will be supporting Peel’s FIRST (opening early 2020) Safe/Emergency House as well as a Transitional House for the purposes of providing short-stay and second stage housing to survivors of human (sex) trafficking. This will be operated through the Elizabeth Fry Society Peel-Halton.  


Why are we supporting these two beneficiaries?

Peel Police - Toy's for Tots

Every child should be given the opportunity to receive regardless of the economic climate around them.


However the grim reality is that In Ontario, 1.9 million people are living in poverty, or 14.4 per cent of the population of the province. In the Region of Peel, 18 per cent of children age 0-17 years old live in poverty, and although the unemployment rate in Peel is 8.2 per cent (higher than the provincial average of 7.4 per cent), the youth unemployment rate is 19.7 per cent. And of those who are employed, 48 per cent of the employed in Peel work part of the year, or part time.


12.8 per cent of families living in the region of Peel are living in poverty; with an average annual child-care cost for a toddler or preschool child being $26,760. Families are increasingly being faced with living paycheck to paycheck with little extra to offer their children then the necessities. 


The 'Toys for Tots' toy drive facilitates an opportunity of the giving of a toy that can light up the faces of young ones and let them know they are cared for and are deserving of the joy of receiving a token love.



Elizabeth Fry Society Peel-Halton -

New Safe/Emergency house and Transitional House (opening early 2020)

We have chosen to support Elizabeth Fry Society Peel-Halton and this initiative to Stop Human Trafficking as it is a huge problem in our community (GTA) that needs every effort to provide help and hope to overcome and eliminate. Anti-human sex trafficking and exploitation programs and services ensure that women and girls impacted or who are vulnerable to human trafficking are provided with much needed services. These additional services in Peel are crucial to their journey and ongoing development. 


As you may know, 65% human trafficking cases in Canada occur in Ontario, with 62% of them occurring in the GTA (right in our own backyard!). 63% are between the ages of 15 and 25, with 90% being female. This lucrative exploitation of women grosses approximately $280,000 in annual financial gain for each girl or woman that a trafficker has forced into prostitution, with even higher gains for girls under 18.


As a result of the abuse and trauma a survivor experiences, there is a long lasting negative impact on the girls and their ability to recover and reintegrate into the community and thus requires safe places, support and services to provide the help and hope they need for their future


Giving of gift cards from home stores can equip the survivors in getting much needed things they will need both while being in the safe houses, as well as when the can reintegrate into the community on their own.






What are the ways I can give?

Toys for Tots

Bring a new, unwrapped toy for a child and high five Peel Police as they collect them to bring to 

children in need.


Elizabeth Fry Society Peel/Halton – Safe/Emergency House & Transitional House

Bring a gift card for a local home store to be distributed to the survivors accessing these services and

trying to rebuild their lives. 


Common gift cards utilized:

  • Superstore (can also buy clothing at Joe Fresh)

  • Walmart (good for clothing, hygiene, housing, food, etc.)

  • Grocery stores

  • Winners

  • Ikea

  • Giant Tiger

  • Dollarama

  • Clothing stores

  • Canadian Tire/Home Depot

What can I expect from the night?

The night is designed to inspire and facilitate an opportunity to give and be light this holiday to

celebrate the festive season with colleagues, friends, and family. 


This evening is a special family friendly event which will include:

Festive music local artist Arlene as well as Cat Bernardi 

  • Performance by Stagecoach Performing Arts

  • Activities for children including crafts, cookie decorating, face painting and mor

  • Refreshments provided by local restaurants as well open for purchase drinks and snacks at West Edge’s Common Ground Cafe

  • Lots of great items to bid on at the silent auction to raise funds towards the safe/emergency  and transitional house


If I am a business, how can I get involved?

  • Donate gift certificates or items for the silent auction

  • Email Event Coordinator Mary-Beth Douglas @ for ideas of how your specific organization can help contribute 


Is there an event page on facebook?

Yes! Key word search ‘Shine Bright Port Credit 2019’ or follow this link


You can also follow us on Instagram #pcgetlit 


I have more questions, who do I contact?

Email Event Coordinator Mary-Beth Douglas at for any inquiries about the