Inn From The Cold believes that people are valuable. People should not die in extreme weather because they are experiencing homelessness. We provide a dedicated space to keep people alive during dangerous weather. Our program is opened with temperatures hit "feels like -15".


There is a homeless crisis across the GTA, a rising concern in South Mississauga. 100 deaths per year in the GTA are related to people who are homeless when exposed to extreme weather. We want to see that number drop to 0.



Chair of IFTC, Rick Penton, moved by the words of Jesus, inspired other like-minded churches and community partners with the shared conviction that,  "We must to do more." IFTC was made a reality under the leadership of Rick Penton. The program has evolved from a transient program of various church basements into a central location at West Edge with a multi-denomination committee.


To date, we are close to completing renovations on almost 3,000 square feet at West Edge Community Church basement. Together we have created an inspiring environment where people encounter care and love. Although operational there is more to done. We are inviting people to be a part of this compassionate effort to help the most vulnerable that are around us.​​​

Together we can do what cannot be done alone. Let’s look after our societies’ most vulnerable by being a light of love to those who need it most. 

Please donate now so we can keep people warm this winter.