Warming Centre Update!

WE is furiously working to get this special Warming Centre completed for the people who are homeless this winter.

We are so proud of our vision to create the most welcoming and inclusive place in our region for people so they can come in from the cold. 

West Edge Church will be hosting this amazing place and we need your help to get it completed. 

Please click HERE to donate to our vision for our Warming Centre through our Gofundme donation site or click Here to donate directly to West Edge

WE Warming Centre

We believe that no person should be left out in the cold.

We are from West Edge Community Church, a passionate group of people who collectively make things better for those that suffer around us in silence.

Currently, our intent is to host a Warming Centre for people who are homeless in our neighbourhood on the coldest nights of the year.

We are doing this in collaboration with The Compass a compassionate organization that serves over 800 families and individuals with a world-class foodbank and connects them to valuable social services. 

Together we need to do more.

There is a homeless crisis across the GTA, even in our church’s community on Lakeshore Rd in Mississauga. 100 deaths per year in the GTA are related to people who are homeless when exposed to extreme cold in the winter. We want to see that number drop to 0.

Please support us in our plan to achieve our goal.

We need to renovate 2,500 square feet of the West Edge Community Church basement to create a warm environment whenever the temperature outside drops to a dangerous level. This Warming Centre will provide beds, meals, and essential amenities in a safe, comfortable and caring space. We will also provide a breakfast before anyone leaves in the morning.

In order to achieve our goal, we need your help.

A financial donation of any amount will go a long way to keeping our community warm. Your donation can be made individually or you can consider rallying a group including your family, your church, your sports team or even your book club to work together to help us make this happen. Many organizations even offer donation matching programs for their employees when they contribute to a charitable cause.

If you would like to be personally involved in our project or if you don’t have the monetary means to support us, you can still contribute in a very significant way. We need skilled trades such as plumbers, electricians, drywallers, carpenters, painters and general help. We also need people that will promote our project on social media and contact local media. If you want to help in one of these alternative ways, please email Pastor Matthew Douglas at info@westedge.org or call 905-867-8336.

Together we can do what cannot be done alone. Let’s look after our societies’ most vulnerable by being a light of love this holiday season and always to those who need it most. Together, let’s bring our community ‘in from the cold’.

Please donate now so we can keep people warm this winter.