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Pastor Armando Monico


Armando has served in ministry as a Worship Leader and Youth Pastor for 30 years at Iglesia Pentecostal Cristo Viene (Christ is Coming Church). This experience has given him a heart for serving the body of Christ through teaching them to discover God through His word, to become committed disciples of Christ and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to share the gospel.    


For nearly 20 years, Armando has served as an influential leader and mentor in the Hispanic Christian Community of the Greater Toronto Area. He has led, organized and hosted countless conferences, workshops, worship concerts, and other events for the purpose of unity and encouragement.


Armando is a graduate of Briercrest College and Seminary, in Christian studies. He also studied and graduated at Centennial College, in Business Administration and Marketing. He is also an entrepreneur, who has successfully founded, managed, and operated small businesses.  


Armando and his wife Morena have been married since 2005 and together they have three children, Caleb, Ezekiel and Analise.  Armando enjoys working alongside his wife in ministry and appreciates her family and marriage counselling studies that has strengthened their ability to love and serve people.

LEAD pastor

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Assistant pastor


Veronica is a young leader who has spent the past two decades serving the Lord through worship. She has spent majority of her life in ministry and has led the Christian community closer to God through her service in the church. From small groups to large conferences, Veronica has allowed God to use her to move multitudes and guide them through the Holy Spirit in worship and in teaching. 


She is an adventurous and carefree woman with an upbeat and optimistic view of the world. Her desire is to help people meet Jesus through song and reach new levels of intimacy with God. If she's not singing on stage, you might catch her in the wilderness enjoying her weekly hike.


Morena Arias-Monico, the Pastor's Wife, holds a prominent leadership role within the Pentecostal community, demonstrating exceptional devotion to God and unwavering support for her husband's ministry. Her life is a testament to her deep faith and commitment to serving others.

Morena's unwavering dedication to God has led her to wholeheartedly embrace the Pentecostal faith, allowing her to guide and inspire those around her effectively.

As an integral part of her husband's pastoral journey, Morena stands by his side, offering unwavering support, wise counsel, and a strong spiritual foundation.


Her steadfast belief in God's plan and her unwavering commitment to prayer create a solid foundation upon which the church community thrives. Morena's life exemplifies the principles of faith, love, and service, serving as a powerful example for others to follow.


Pastor's wIfe

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